NT Seafood Council News – June 2022

A celebration of excellence

The Northern Territory Seafood Council has today announced award recipients of the Atlantis 2022 NT Seafood Industry Awards across a range of areas within the seafood industry.  

Today we are celebrating the passion, dedication and leadership of people who work tirelessly both on the water and behind the scenes to bring seafood products to the plates and homes of consumers,’ said Northern Territory Seafood Council Chief Executive Officer, Ms Katherine Winchester. 

‘All finalists across ten award categories are recognised for their professionalism, contribution to the NT economy, and commitment to the seafood industry.

‘One of the most anticipated Awards announcements is the Industry Ambassador – a highly prestigious award presented to a person who has demonstrated that he or she has made a positive difference to the seafood industry over at least twenty years and who has been a highly effective and respected seafood industry leader.

‘This year’s Award announcement has been different, due to the decision not to hold an event celebration, and instead we have been celebrating the achievements of all finalists through social media’, Ms Winchester went on to say.

Northern Territory Award winners will now be put forward to be the NT nominees for the National Seafood Industry Awards, being held in Brisbane on 15 September 2022. 

The Northern Territory Seafood Council congratulates all the Award recipients and sincerely thanks our Major Sponsor Atlantis Fisheries Consulting Group and all Award Sponsors, including Austral Fisheries, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Darwin Port, Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Humpty Doo Barramundi Pty Ltd, Seafood Industry Australia, Sydney Fish Market, Tasmanian Seafoods and Wild Barra Fisheries Pty Ltd.

Atlantis 2022 NT Seafood Industry Awards

Winner:                            Rebecca Oliver
Award:                              Young Achiever Award
Sponsor:                           Atlantis Fisheries Consulting Group

Winner:                            Robert Fish
Award:                              Industry Ambassador Award
Sponsor:                           Darwin Port

Winner:                            Mr Barra
Award:                              Business Award (Small)
Sponsor:                           Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics

Winner:                            Monsoon Aquatics
Award:                              Business Awards (Large)
Sponsor:                           Sydney Fish Market

Winner:                            Rescue Me Food Services
Award:                              Take-Away Fish & Chips Award
Sponsor:                           Seafood Industry Australia/Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Winner:                            Phat Mango by Martin the Chef
Award:                              Restaurant Award
Sponsor:                           Wild Barra Fisheries Pty Ltd

Winner:                            Northern Territory Offshore Net and Line Licensee Committee and Fisheries Division Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
Award:                              Environment Stewardship Award
Sponsor:                           Humpty Doo Barramundi Pty Ltd

Highly Commended:      Wild Barra Fisheries Pty Ltd
Award:                               Primary Producer Award
Sponsor:                            Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Highly Commended:      Humpty Doo Barramundi Pty Ltd
Award:                               People Development Award
Sponsor:                            Tasmanian Seafoods

Highly Commended:      Michael O’Brien of Australia Bay Seafoods
Award:                               Safety Award
Sponsor:                            Australian Maritime Safety Authority