Northern Territory Seafood Council News

Northern Territory Seafood Council News September 2016

Developing the Coastal Line Fishery
A discussion paper was released by NT Government last month seeking feedback on key issues that need to be discussed to inform development of a management framework for the Coastal Line Fishery. For more details click link below

Recommendations from Marine Reserves review
Following on from the release of the Independent Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review Reports earlier this month, consultations have begun on the preparation for Draft Management Plans for the Commonwealth Marine Reserves. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Mud Crabs in focus
Many restaurants, tourists, local consumers and export markets in Australia and overseas are reliant on professional mud crabbers to supply them with iconic NT mud crab. Supply this year has been so low that at times local wholesalers have introduced a limit on the number of crabs customers could buy to ensure local restaurants and consumers could get their mud crab fix. For more details click link below.

AMSA – Displaying unique vessel identifiers
The requirement to display a Unique Vessel Identifier applies to all domestic commercial vessels. New vessels need to comply within 21 days of the Unique Vessel Identifier being issued. For vessels that didn’t require a Unique Vessel Identifier under the old NT law they needed to comply by 1 July 2016. For the full update click link below.

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