NT labelled seafood the clear favourite


 29 April 2016

 NT labelled seafood the clear favourite

Results of three years of surveys have validated what seafood lovers have been saying for some time; Territorian’s prefer NT seafood and want seafood clearly labelled with its origin.

‘Three annual consumer surveys have confirmed a growing value, respect and worth felt by Territorians for NT seafood,’ said Northern Territory Seafood Council, CEO Mrs Katherine Winchester.

‘It is fantastic to see a continued increased in awareness of the professional seafood industry and that 99.2% of the respondents in 2015 have a preference for NT labelled seafood over other available seafood.

‘Strengthening consumer awareness through the ‘Support NT Caught’ campaign and education about NT seafood labelling laws has aided this increased level of support and understanding.

‘Results of the survey are having direct impacts on business practices with many venue’s now labelling seafood with their Australian origin, this proactive approach has further raised the education and understanding about the range of NT seafood available,’ Mrs Winchester said.

‘Our menu and seasonal specials gives customers the opportunity to experience more than a dozen different species of Northern Territory fish throughout the year,’ said Eddie Willoughby-Smith of Frying Nemo.

‘We have seen customers develop their taste awareness and increase their understanding of the different fish varieties and variations of flavour from the diverse range of Northern Territory fish available.

‘The feedback we have received from local, interstate and international customers is that they very much appreciate the opportunity to experience and taste the range of quality seafood that is locally caught in Darwin region,’ said Eddie Willoughby-Smith of Frying Nemo.

‘Strong support for the local industry was reported each year, with over 96.6% of Territorians recognising the value the NT seafood industry plays in delivering benefits to employment, seafood awareness and the NT image,’ said Mrs Winchester.

‘Northern Territory continues to lead Australia with respect to seafood labelling laws that require dining venues to clearly label seafood as ‘imported’ or with its country of origin if it is not harvested in Australia, a law that 96.0% of respondents on average said directly influences their choice for any dining occasion,’ stated Mrs Winchester.

 Download:      http://www.ntsc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/NTSC-Consumer-Survey-2015-web.pdf