Sustainability impacts everyone, so have your say

The Northern Territory Seafood Council is calling upon people who care about sustainable seafood to participate in an online survey over the next two months.

‘We are determined to take a leading role when it comes to sustainability, and are calling upon everyone who has an interest in NT waters and NT seafood to complete the online NTSC Sustainability Survey,’ said Northern Territory Seafood Council, Chairman, Mr Daniel Kimberley.

‘Professional fishers recognise that sustainability issues need constant attention, and with over 25% of our fishing grounds occurring in marine parks industry recognises we need to do a better job to ensure a united and proactive approach, which is why Northern Territory Seafood Council is progressing industries first sustainability strategy.

‘It is important that we hear from all our stakeholders, including the NT community as this will ensure that the strategy is well informed on the sustainability issues that matter most.

‘NTSC commenced this project last year and have undertaken some risk assessments and a literature review to gain a better understanding of this issues and risks, such as climate change, being faced either now or into the future.

‘We need input from people involved in the industry, be it through research, management, business as well as the communities input to truly understand and identify where a strategy must initially focus,’ said Mr Kimberley.

Director of National Parks, Dr James Findlay, said the partnership with industry was critical to ensuring ongoing sustainable use of Australian Marine Parks.

‘We are committed to working hand-in-hand with industry so we can maintain the protection of our marine environment whilst ensuring it continues to sustain and support jobs and economic activity,’ said Dr Findlay.

‘Through the Australian Government’s Our Marine Parks Grants program, the NTSC is taking the initiative to develop a strategy focused on sustainability and to address issues that are important to the NT seafood industry and the broader community.’

This project, titled Sustainability Strategy: Building capability and resilience for the Northern Territory seafood industry received grant funding from the Australian Government.

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