Energy Club NT

Energy Club NT (ECNT) provides an exciting new platform to initiate, enhance and sustain business relationships and career opportunities across the energy sector. With a focus on Connection, Participation, Education, and Inclusion; ECNT is an industry aligned, values driven organisation supporting professionals in the Territory.

Through our Club events and forums, we aim to be the leading networking organisation in Northern Australia contributing to the long-term sustainability of the NT energy industry.

Our organisation welcomes as members representatives from local businesses, national and multinational companies with an interest in the Territory.

Stephanie Berlin - CEO

0459 943 845

Each year in the Territory we see plenty of opportunity and innovation for operators, contractors and all companies associated with the energy industry. It’s an exciting time to be in the Territory to witness the diverse transformation that this period of development will bring and to support the growth and sustainability of the NT energy industry.


Hydrocarbons will continue to play an important role in energy production, but the industry has showed a significant trend in adding alternative energy sources to the mix. The advantage of integrating new technologies will also have a positive effect on reducing carbon emissions, costs and creating new and unprecedented opportunities.

There is a clear movement in the industry for collaboration across the energy sub-sectors which will continue to become more prevalent as we move towards our energy future.

Renewables and oil and gas projects can coexist and provide innovative solutions across the industry. The expansion for Energy Club NT also aligns with the Norther Territory Government’s 50% Renewable Energy target by 2030 opening opportunities for investment and business growth in the region.

I remain committed to delivering our services to the oil and gas sector and look forward to welcoming new members from alternative sub-sectors to our organisation.

As Founder and CEO of Petroleum Club NT, now Energy Club NT,  I’m committed to the delivery of our vision, mission and values – everyday, with every decision.